Freck's Friday Fancies XIII

TGIF everyone! Who's ready for a chilly, fall filled weekend? It's supposed to be chilly but sunny here in Chicago. Fall is on it's way!

Here are this Friday's Fancies...

Can we talk about Gap's new jeans for a moment? I'm really digging my dark wash boot cut jeans. I used to hate Gap jeans because they would give me mom-ass, but now something is different and they fit better and are more flattering! Don't be scared, check 'em out.

**Here's the thing though, I don't consider myself a "curvy" gal...but these fit great!**

TBF and I are going to Ikea and Martin + Osa this weekend. On the list is a rug and some fall clothes and I'm SO EXCITED. I'm having a serious itch, not sure if it's the weather or the fact that I've been watching my spending so darn closely, but my itch is so serious that I am not allowing myself to walk into a J. Crew because I know I'd spend too much money. I think I'll ease in with an overwhelming store, like Ikea :)

So, opinion needed. Does anyone have an Ikea rug? Do you suggest a certain type over another? I have hardwood floors, a creme loveseat sofa and round chair, a black tv stand and pretty much every color you can think of on the walls because of my random paintings. So my color scheme is pretty much a free for all.

Ikea, $49.99
Ikea, $39.99
Ikea, $129.99

Unfortuantely I'm not obsessed with any of those..

M + O, $99.50

Never thought I'd get booties but I love these.



Children of the 90s said...

I love Martin and Osa! IKEA is very fun but definitely overwhelming. Usually it's best just to go to the store and look at everything, even though there's so much merchandise. I usually find something I like...and end up buying a whole bunch of little things I totally did not intend to purchase!

SassyEngineer said...

I love the Gap's new jeans as well. I got to go to an unveiling party and get a free pair, but now I want some more :)

Also, I never thought I would want booties either, but I am really starting to love them this year.

Torie Jayne said...

Hi, those jeans looks great, will have to give them a try, I love the booties, Have a sweet weekend! x

Jenn said...

i will have to check out these jeans - everyone is talking about them and 3094820398 bloggers have written about them. they have been very smart with their marketing this time around.