Freck's Friday Fancies X

Did this week fly? Phew!

Onto FFF X...

So cool -

The fact that TBF is creating a new I5OS header!!!

What's the tastiest brew???
How does everyone feel about Jeanine winning SYTYCD?? I'm a little disappointed Kayla didn't win, but Jeanine's a great dancer too, so I guess I'm cool with it.

I'm seeing this little lady, Maria Bamford, at Lake Shore Theatre tonight and I am pumped! Check her out below..

She's absolutely hilarious and TBF was invited to attend one of her comedian workshops tomorrow!! I'm excited for him :)

I love that she's going to be on The Hills..

Still in love with this..

GO ON SALE NOW! Ohemgee, kaythanks.

That's all for this Friday! TGIF!!!!!!!


Katie said...

love the couch!

Jenn said...

i was so glad jeanine won! for some reason i could not stand kayla :)

Lee Beth said...

Hello. Just found your blog. Really cool. Had to be a new follower. Come check out mine if you'd like. Happy blogging!