I refuse to buy cable (or internet) at home, so I have about 20 basic channels including some awesome infomercials. One infomercial I keep seeing is the Wen one, you know which one I’m talking about ladies.

The 2 in 1 shampoo that makes your hair uber celebrity fancy in a matter of days…

OKAY, I want shiny, blonde hair, too!!

I’m not ashamed to say I’ve almost picked up the phone and ordered it, but something always stopped me. Is it the fact that the salesman has prettier hair than I do?

Ok, so his hair is prettier in the commercial.

Is it the fact that this product reminds me of the days that I’d slather on John Frieda and my hair would be weighed down (but still soft, mind you)?

…is it the fact that it’s a fuggin infomercial and the only time I’ve ever ordered anything from an infomercial is when I was 6 and ordered the chipmunks album over the phone with my parents credit card (true story)?

Does she use Wen?

So, has anyone tried it? I still can’t get it out of my mind. What if I’m missing out on this incredibly amazing beauty product? Freck wants some umph in her hair and WEN may be IT.



Jenn said...

i've never heard of this - let me know what you find out :)

Katie said...

I think I've seen this one too! I have to admit that I ordered ProActiv from the television and have been very pleased.

Gabby said...

I've been using Wen for a year and I'll never go back to regular shampoo. Ever. I had my mother try it and she's so stubborn, she didn't want to admit to how great it is, lol. Her only complaint was, "It made me hair too soft." Guess she's used to her crunchy 80's hair.

Just make sure you use enough and pick the correct formula for your hair type. So far I've tried 3 kinds of conditioning cleanser and loved them all, actually.