Freck's Friday Fancies XII

It's Friday, yayyy!! I'm feeling a bit fuzzy at work today because drinks a-many were had last night at a comedy show. Apparently if you step up the workouts, you can't drink like normal because it will slap you in the face like you wouldn't believe.

I had a blast though, and this guy was super funny (and his comedy is one of my first fancies today)! I'd met him before, and TBF and him are acquaintances.

Apparently I thought he was my best friend after the show..no comment. TBF got a kick out of it.


I love this room.

Green, green green!

This hilarious iphone dock.

The sorry excuse for a can-light isn't providing much light in my kitchen, but I don't know how to install a cool looking lamp like this one...

Any tips? Is it even possible?

I know, I know, enough with the David Yurman...but I really fancy this!

I'm actually wearing an old, oversize watch that I found thank you box that I forgot about when I moved... It's 3 hours off, that's how long it's been since I wore it last.

I really really want to see this

Inglourious Basterds
Does the spelling on those two words bother anyone else?

...and last but not least, my new email (found on the right)! This way, if you have any questions, comments, or want to say hi, go for it! Be nice though!



Katie said...

love the room!

Piper Jacquelyn said...

That iPod dock is HILARIOUS. I want 7 of them. And that room really is gorgeous!

Jenn said...

i heard the movie is great - let me know if you see it! :)