Freck's Friday Fancies XI

TGIF!!! Happy Friday everyone! After work I will be heading south with TBF to boat with the fam on Papa Freck's boat. I'm so excited for a getaway!

Anyway, here are this Friday's fancies :)

I've been
drooling over staring at David Yurman rings for years, this one is one of my favorites. The blue topaz is just so stunning!!

David Yurman, $590

Why stop there? Let's get the matching necklace, too!

David Yurman, $590

This entire outfit..

J. Crew

My apologies, I've posted this one before..I just fancy these boots so much!

J. Crew, $325

I would really fancy a cruise right about now..

Last and absolutely not least..

Jest by MAC, $14.50

I'm a huge fan of MAC's eye shadows, especially Jest because it is the perfect base shadow for everything. Seriously, everything.

That's all for this week, have a great weekend!!


Jenn said...

i love love that jcrew outfit. if only i had all the money in the world!

Anonymous said...

oh you're making me want to go shopping!! I love that J.Crew cardigan.

Shaina said...

Oooh Freck, I have been in love with that DY ring for years, too! Only I want one with an amethyst. LOVE!

CTB said...

I love your fancies! I agree with your taste 100%! Especially those boots!