Weekend Recap + PUPPIES!!!!!!

So this last weekend was slow, hot, relaxing and did I mention hot? Holy bajeezus. It was so friggen hot out this last weekend in Chicago that I went to Target and bought a fan for the apartment on Saturday! Oh, I must also mention that I bought Girls Just Want to Have Fun with SJP, which is still as awesome as it was when I was little.

Maria Bamford rocked on Friday night, she was hilarious as usual. Saturday night TBF and I went to my cousins deck party (which is awesome) in Wicker Park where we got to hang out, chat and enjoy some Coronas. Ahhh, a perfect summer night. TBF did a little acting for a shoe commercial outside on Sunday and he had long sleeves and boots on (a Fall shoe line), so he became super dehydrated! Scary! I totally nursed him back to health though in no time.

Yesterday was a super busy day at work, the usual Monday. I’m super excited about tonight because I’m going to dinner with some of my girlfriends who I haven’t seen in a couple weeks since our schedules are becoming so busy! We’re now in the “real world” and have to work hard at seeing each other now! Tougher than I thought it’d be…I must say it’s really nice being able to pay for a nice meal out since we have salaries now..

Anyway, I don’t know why - okay yes maybe I do – but lately I’ve been wanting something very similar to this little guy soooooooooo much!

HOW CUTE IS HE?! Now, if I could only find one that stays this teeny and never grows older, that would be perfect. Why don’t I just get a small dog that is supposed to stay small forever?

I’ll tell you why, because they won’t have massive paws that are too big for their body that make them move around awkwardly. That’s why, oh and they’re friggen adoorrabblleee!!!

…I can’t….say..noo….

Need I explain more?

Didn’t think so.

I also just decided that I’m going to start every single work day with looking at pictures of teeny puppies because they make me smile.

Happy Tuesday!!


CTB said...

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun is one of my top 5 favorites of all time. It is pure amazingness. I seriously horde copies of the movie and give to anyone who says they haven't seen it. Is that weird? haha

Piper Jacquelyn said...

I totally watched GJWHF the other day - love it! And puppies?! And margaritas?! Oh my goodness, so many wonderful things!