Miscellenious Stuff.

  • It’s raining today which not only puts a slight damper on the day, but it also throws a big bone in the hair and clothing choices. Also, my department is supposed to go to Portillo’s for lunch today which is like a mile away…uh...delivery please!?
  • TBF and I are going to my hometown over Labor Day weekend which is right around the corner. I’m excited to do some boating and relaxing with the fam.
  • I didn’t work out this morning which bothers me.
  • I put some hooks in my closet on either side of my mirror on my dresser to hang my long necklaces on which not only encourage me to wear them more because I see them constantly, but they also make lovely decorations.
  • I’m starting to miss having the internet at my apartment, but I’m proud of myself for simplifying my life at my home base. I really think not having the internet in my face before I go to bed helps me wind down. I also think it allows TBF and I to spend quality time with each other when he’s over. Not that we never did, but when I had the internet at my old apartment, either his face or mine was glued to The Superficial, Facebook or our blogs. Now, we can enjoy dinner and time together without the internet taunting us. Ahhh…
  • I’m so glad it’s Hump Day!
  • Oh, I almost forgot, Lady Gaga and I were best friends last night in my dream. I asked her why she was nuts, she told me it was because she partied so much that she was just hungover all the time. She didn't wear pants in my dream, for any other person I think that would be abnormal. However, for those that know her, like obviously me since we're dream BFF's, you know she never wears pants. Then I tried to introduce her to my parents, but they were just confused by her appearance in general. Strange..
That's all..


Shaina said...

I once had a very vivid dream in which I was best friends with Lauren Conrad. I still think back fondly on that dream, haha! :)

Anonymous said...

That dream is too funny!! Sometimes don't you wonder where that stuff comes from? :)

CTB said...

Great idea for the necklaces. I need to try that.

Hilarious Lady Gaga dream. I love those ankle boots she's sporting in this picture. Since y'all are BFF, can you ask her if I can borrow them?

the southern hostess said...

Such a funny dream! And I love that rain picture. Cute blog! :)