Freck's Friday Fancies XLVIII

*This was scheduled to post last Friday, sadly Blogger failed me and as you can see, it didn't post. Soo, here it is : )*

TGIF everyone!!

As you read this, I'm either getting ready for a wedding, at the wedding or boogying at the reception :) I'm about to go nosh on some sushi with TBF because we're starving after our flight from Virginia.

So let's get straight to the fancies...

Alright, so I'm still hunting for the perfect, small-ish desk. Are there any favorites from the office furniture selected below?

A corner desk is fun?

Love the detail on this desk.

Love it in white!

Okay, apparently I really love the white I guess!

A lot.

Or the black?

Decisions, decisions...I can't decide!

TGIF! Have Hope you're having a great weekend!


Tommy said...

That first one is my favorite here. Good luck!

Habbala said...

I always end up LOVING white furniture too!! But I really like the corner one, because I can imagine putting my feet up on the bar in the back.