Tresemme Dry Shampoo Review

On a dry shampoo knowledge scale, I'd say I'm about an 8.5.

Yep, there are .5's on my scale.

When I saw that Tresseme was coming out with a bottle of aerosol dry shampoo, I was SO excited. A commercial dry shampoo that I could pick up in a drug store?! No way!

YES way!

So I picked up a bottle yesterday, followed the directions and tried it out.

The verdict?

I don't dig it. It may pump up the volume, but my hair felt kind of filmy and wet, even when I brushed it out. Plus, it didn't really take the grease out that had conveniently formed on my humid walk home from work (gross, but I swear my hair was in perfect condition to try this out).

My favorite is still Oscar Blandi's dry shampoo in powder form. If you dig the aerosol form, try out Oscar's, too. Not Tresseme.

No I wasn't asked to write this, just thought I'd share for my other dry shampoo lovah's :)

Happy Hump Day!


AEOT said...

hey freck, dont know where the lady gaga post went, but last nights glee was AMAZING!!!!! thought of you when it was on. sorry for terrible punctuation, typing while holding spence so only have one hand!!

Rebekah said...

ugh, i had high hopes for that stuff too. i tried it a few weeks ago and was extremely disappointed. i even gave it a few tries, hoping it'd get better.

it didn't. i swear no matter how much i brushed/combed it out, there was still a hint of greyishness to my roots. no thank you. i'd rather not have grey hair at 22.

Pink Julep said...

I don't like Oscar Blandi aerosol cause it doesn't last very long AT ALL and it clumps and then won't spray out, no matter how long you hold it under a hot fawcet!

If you like OB powder though (which I also like) then you'd love Frederick Fekkai's powder version!!! It's my favorite!

Anonymous said...

I fell in love with the Blandi powder the first time I tried it and haven't even bothered to try another brand because I loved it so much!

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