Word of the Day: Productivity

TBF is out and about filming a short film all day today (yay! lead role!), so what does that mean? Ladies, you know what I mean, productivity.

So many activities come to mind:
-grocery store super early in the morning, quiet and heavenly (I hope)
-cleaning every nook and cranny in the apartment
-no really, every nook and cranny
-work on the vid-veal ;)
-walk to my favorite spot on the lake shore drive path
-finally complete the little tasks, which leads me to...

I have some random books lying around that I don't know what to do with anymore. I don't want to give them up, but I don't want to display them all loud and proud (coffee table, tv stand, leaning against the wall on the desk, etc). I don't have a book case because large clunky furniture in my apartment would be overwhelming, I feel like I've thought of every cute way to hide/display/store them.

I was thinking of something like this? Is this the only way?

Or do I need to just purge some other books? Help!

(psst, enjoy your Sunday!)


I'm Lindsay! said...

Those shelves are super cool! I bet it would end up being an interesting feature. Can't wait for the vid-veal!!

Paddy K said...

Don't ever throw out books. Keep them all, unless you need to make money from selling them (textbooks). Get yourself some high shelves. If your ceilings are at 8 ft or higher, you can put shelves at about the 7 ft mark and put all your books up above. Looks cool and they're out of the way. My folks did that in all our bedrooms and it worked out well. Have a look when you're over on Memorial Day weekend.

Tommy said...

I have to vote for a purge, unless it's a reference book or a novel you KNOW you'll read again. Those horizontal bookcases are completely neat, though.