Weekend Recap + Clutch Ideas

Hello one and all.

This weekend was a blast. On Saturday morning I went and visited one of my best friends ever from high school at her work and although I wish we could have spent more time together, a little is better than nothing!

That afternoon was baby time. I met both my niece and nephew who are just precious and started to visualize a giant Freck family unfold. It was pretty cool because I've never had a large immediate family before, so with the addition of babies and my older brother's wives(and TBF!), I started to see a fun, large family unfold. Not that we weren't fun before, just more quiet :) It's an exciting time!

Sunday afternoon we were greeted by a friggen HEAT wave in Chicago. My goodness is it hot here now! I love it and hate it. Memories of being super hot on the L are starting to come back, but I'll take them since boating season now feels like its right around the corner.

I hope this week goes by fast! TBF and I leave for DC Thursday night (yayyy!) for a fun wedding weekend with his fam and some close friends. So excited!

I'm pretty sure I have my ideal outfit almost down, I'm still looking for a clutch to go with these shoes and my navy dress.
Any ideas?

Cute, right? Too much?
If only this were completely neutral! So cute!
This one's called "Big Buddha" haha!
Big fan of this Buddha, too :)

Happy Monday!!


Janneke said...

Bah too bad that one has the black detailing on it because I love that one with your outfit!
the fluffy one I'd say is a tad too much distraction from you - same with the 'Big Buddha' haha

good luck finding one that fits! you'll look great!

Tommy said...

I think all of those bags look really neat. You are really drinkin' that Piperlime-ade, huh?

And what about the video with the babies?!

ms. mindless said...

i LOVE the first ruffled on. i don't think it is too much. go for it!