Video Reveal Deets

So since I cannot for the life of me make a video of myself without thinking "whoa, that's so not me," TBF has come up with a genius idea. Man, this guy rocks.

We're going to my parents house this weekend to (hopefully) meet my new niece and nephew. TBF has a hand-held camera and wants to film me when I'm my most natural self. Doesn't he rock?

I also think he wants to do this because he saw all of the vid-veal attempts and didn't like any because it doesn't look like me, the true Freck, and I agree.

Happy Hump Day!!

1 comment:

Janneke said...

what a GREAT idea! Psh mine sucked compared to that lol
our boys take such good care of us don't they?
can't wait to see the video! wohoo