Mmm Pancakes :)

Look how cute these pancake creations are!!

All images via Jim's Pancakes'
blog :)

Jim's daughter!

How cool is this? If you visit his blog, you'll see his how-to video's. I want to make my own turtle, too!

I requested a bunny. We'll see if he follows through :)

Happy Thursday!


KatiePerk said...

These are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Those are SO cute! Quite the creative guy.

AEOT said...

Now that's impressived!!!! I would never spend that kind of time, but WOW. Those are cool.

Lis said...

What a fun site!! I hope he males the bunny for you!!

I also just requested to follow you on Twitter! :) I'm so glad to be back to blogging & catching up with everyone!

(formerly L*s L*ves)

daily mix LA said...

these are adorable! love the name of your blog as well...