Weekend (& Wedding) Recap + Anniversary Plans?

What an awesome weekend.

The wedding was absolutely beautiful and it was so wonderful seeing (and boogying at the reception with) friends and TBF's family. I wish I would have snapped a photo of the reception venue without any people in it because it was so charming. (Picture an outdoor venue in a historic district with plenty of brick, does that help?)

I did however get one picture without any people in it of some cool mint julep appetizers that were served at cocktail hour...

Fun, huh?

TBF got some embarrassing GREAT footage of me dancing, yikes. Why do I feel as if that will show up in the vid-veal?

I'm really sad that it's all over! We've been looking forward to that weekend for months! It came and went so quickly...hmph. We won't be seeing some of our favorite people until Thanksgiving...double hmph.

Naturally I'm now trying to think of the next fun event to look forward to, and it happens to be TBF and my two year anniversary this Friday. Whaaat?! 2 years already?? :) Time flies and we couldn't be happier. We're still trying to finalize our plans, any suggestions?

We're planning on keeping it pretty relaxed and going to dinner at the
restaurant where we had our first date, but we're open to some fun, inexpensive options :)

Our 1 year. Oh how time flies... :)

Okie dokie, off to dinner with friends. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!


Fashion Therapist said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Tommy said...

Fun times! I vote finding a roof with a view and a box of popsicles. Tah dah!

I'm glad your weekend was fun.