Weekend Recap + Vid Deets + TBF's Bday + Auntie Freck

And hello everyone. I'll try not to be as craptastic of a blogger these days.

So, here's the dealio - In order to do this video reveal, I need to make and edit the actual recorded portion of yours truly on my mac, possibly have TBF present for a cameo, and then upload it to Vimeo nice and slowly to ensure all my privacy needs are met (aka, get a friggen password so only you people can see it and not rando's and potential work people)

For those of you who have already emailed me to request the video password, bless your hearts. I'm so happy you're excited!

So as you can see the process may take a bit longer than expected, but it's definitely in the works :)

Anywho, the weekend recap! It was all about TBF this weekend because Sunday was his birthday and a certain someone's graduation was on his birthday last year so he didn't get much birthday boy attention then. I more than made up for it this year with dinner at this outstanding restaurant, clothes, Dim Sum (click for definition) in Chinatown, a surprise Skytour out on Lake Michigan,

a personalized and FRIGGEN delicious Whole Foods chocolate cake

He loves cheese, and I couldn't find tissue paper so I ripped out my VS catalog and used that for his wrapped gifts. Classy, huh?

and last but certainly not least, a Cubs game last night. Phew!

Do you see why I've been a bad blogger lately? I am saddling myself up as we speak and hopefully the vid-veal (yep, shortened it) will more than make up for my blogging or lack thereof.

Also, my apartment looks like a bomb exploded in it because I didn't get to pay much attention to it this weekend. I keep thinking that I'll make my bed, and then throw everything on it that I need to put away...yeah this doesn't work. I actually did this and I end up just moving the pile somewhere else and letting things fall on the floor on my way. (Heaven forbid I take more than one trip). It's starting to become an issue.

Any tips on how to de-clutter a studio apartment efficiently?

Alright, off to de-clutter now (pfft) with American Idol, DWTS, Glee and The Hills in the background (that I'll most likely end up sitting down and watching with the pile still on my bed).

Happy Tuesday!

Go Cubs go!

P.S. I'm officially an aunt again. My other sister in law (who I helped host the shower for) just had her baby tonight. Caitlynn Alice is healthy and beautiful. Can't wait to meet her!!


Lauralee said...

Woo! I love the phtotos!

Lauralee said...

Ah! I misspelled. Ah! My beef.

EmilyB said...

That sounds like an awesome weekend! I hope YBF loved every second of it :)

Tommy said...

Congrats on the successful birthday celebration and on the new member of the family!

That cake looks scrum-diddily-umptious.

Apartment de-clutter? Goodwill. Just start purging like crazy. My new rule is to try to donate or recycle one thing for each new thing I bring into the "house." Sometimes it works.

Pink in a sea of blue said...

Love the VS wrapping paper! Ha! Sounds like a great b-day celebration. I ditto de-cluttering by taking to Goodwill...do it a lot!