Weekend Recap + Yyyeahh, Not Much

So guess what? I was really productive yesterday. The only item I didn’t complete on my to do list was purchasing a book shelf and that’s okay. It saved me some money which definitely came in handy today when I just changed TBF and my plane ticket to the evening before (rather than the morning of) a wedding we’re attending next Friday.

I should have put on my to-do list yesterday “figure out what the heck I’m wearing to the wedding next week” because I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to wear, and now I’m waffling. Weird. Do you remember last year’s dress debacle? Criminy. Indecisiveness might be one of my worst characteristics, which in turn makes impulsiveness a regular occurrence.
Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing…I could go on and on about how my impulsive purchases and decisions have been some of my best, but that’s neither here nor there.

Well folks, another Monday in the books!
Is that the right saying? Whatever, time for wine, DWTS and Castle.

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