Weekend Recap + A Reveal?!

It's going to be a big week people.

Big things are happening.

Ok not really, well, sort of.

Let's do the weekend recap first.

Friday was spent relaxing after work. It was a long week after getting back from a glorious vaca.

Saturday I was overzealous at the gym and did intervals on the treadmill for 6 miles, so I felt awesome and apparently wacked out on endorphins because later when TBF and I were Ikea, my right ankle was ticked. I'm not sure if it's a stressed induced injury on the tendon on the right side of my right ankle or if I sprained my ankle or something, but let me tell you it was starting to become muy difficult to walk around that mall and I didn't really feel anything when I'd gotten off the treadmill. Maybe I should stretch better next time? Not do so much at once?

Sunday TBF and I were good kids and went to mass in the burbs, and it happened to be First Communion. These kiddies were CUTE but man was the mass long, might have been some karma for being bad and not having gone since Easter...

After some chit chatting with TBF's fam (love 'em), we went to Trader Joes (AKA the holiest of grocers because it's so stinking cheap)

and then home-bound where TBF (who's become quite the chef) made me a spruced up, delicious turkey burger.

Then of course, I watched the new episode of Kendra, which I LOVE. Yeah I know this picture is a little raunchy, but it's just kind of them. Ya know?

I didn't mean to go into that much detail about my weekend, ah well.

So the big things:

  • I just realized that I don't think I ever shared the news that I'm an aunt again, and my little nephew Jack, was born a week and a half ago. My other sister-in-law will be having her baby (remember the baby shower?) sometime in the next week or so :) Hooray!

  • TBF's birthday is this Sunday (May 9)! I may or may not have picked up a couple things at the mall for him...

M+O (of course)

and we may or may not be going to Blue 13 on Saturday evening (a fine dining and fun restaurant we saw on Check Please), and there may or may not be more surprises to come for the birthday boy...(hey, may seem like he did a lot but last year his birthday was overshadowed a bit by my graduation and he did a great job with my birthday this year)

  • LAST but certainly not least, for the past couple of months, I've been considering doing a photo reveal but I always wanted to wait for a special occassion. Well, there really isn't a special occassion, but TBF suggested I do a VIDEO reveal and I think it's a good idea, but I think I'd like for it to be password protected somehow, just so I still have some sort of privacy from work, randos, etc. Is there any way to do that? On Youtube or another site?

I want to make it as easy as possible for followers, but just annoying enough so that the randos won't care to go the extra step to see a video reveal. I know, I overthink it, but I like my anonymity. :)

I tweeted about it last night, and Jenn seems to think it's a good idea. I'd love to hear your thoughts, too! I think it's about time that my blog friends get a better sense of who this invisible Freck is.

So there you have it. Babies, birthdays and a big reveal.


Tommy said...

Congrats on the new babies and on the birthday-in-progress. He's a lucky guy! And I like the idea of a "reveal," but don't do it unless you're totally sure.

I just spent a few minutes playing around with my blog, trying to see if you could make a single post private. No dice, Frecks. Maybe you could e-mail a link to people (with profiles) who comment?

Oh. And I hit up Trader Joe's on Saturday (pre-flood) and stocked up. Their peanut butter cups are amazingly good. They really put Reese's to shame, I hate to say.

I'm Lindsay! said...

Yay for all the exciting news. Bad news about your ankle though :(

I didn't know you were on Twitter!

Sorry I have no advice for you. Maybe you could do a post but then delete it later that day? I do love the idea of a video reveal!

Sassy Engineer said...

wow - what a packed post! You have so much going on! I think a video reveal is an awesome idea. I have no idea how to do it, but I hope you figure it out :)

AEOT said...

Freck-----I thought the reveal was going to be an engagement ring. Seriously, I was grinning ear to ear at just the thought!!!

BUT........I am dying to know what you look like, cuz I already know you are hysterical and sweet and kind. Let me know if you can figure out a way to do it!!

I wish there was a way to make specific posts private. I have a HUGE Mother in Law issue I'd love to share, but I cannot have it be on a public domain.

Janneke said...

ohh how exciting! i know when i finally took the plunge to reveal my identity it was quite the big deal to me. I still sometimes have to remember that I know blog under my real name and watch out a bit more but it's fun!

the ankle though... rest rest rest! I have the exact same thign right now but with my heel so I'm going to the doctor after a week and a half of it hurting. better safe than sorry! just take it easy for a while

jenn said...

Do it! I'm honestly not sure how you could post something privately, without making your blog private. I know on wordpress, you can password protect certain posts, but blogger is lame. :)

Janneke said...

it's a biiiig step so remember you most likely can't turn back if you reveal to us who is behind those freckles! :)

PS: (DO IT! I wanna know haha)

Kristin said...

I never thought I would like Kendra so much...but her and Hank are adorable. I think a video reveal is a fabulous idea!

Kate said...

Can you email me a link to the big reveal video??