Freck's Friday Fancies LVIII

Mirror mirror on the wall, which mirror is fair enough to be in Freck's living room?

HAPPY FRIDAY! Guess who's goal it is this weekend to grab some much desired decor for the newly arranged living area? Yep, yours truly.

We've looked at pictures, now let's move onto mirrors...
and while we're discussing fairy tales (mirror, mirror), let's pretend I have a bottomless budget.

How about a classic mirror?

How about some stacked horizontal mirrors?

A leaning mirror?

This one has some charisma, yeah?

For now, I'll likely settle on this one. Easy, serves it's purpose.. Thoughts?

Happy Friday! Have a wonderful weekend!!


Sassy Engineer said...

Oooo, so many good choices! I love that white leaning mirror. So classic! Honestly, I think they are all pretty great :) can't wait to see the new one in the room - it is simple and I think will look great!

Tommy said...

Oooo....I love that West Elm one. Have you checked out the Hemnes mirror at IKEA? It's, like, as big as a person and $99. I've been considering buying one in the black-brown color to go over my couch.

Have a great weekend! Maybe we can Skype if you get a minute.

Megs said...

these are all great choices! I especially love the first one - it would definitely add some drama to a room and wouldnt just blend into a wall.
Also love the horizontal mirrors!
Hmm... might have to steal a few of these ideas for the new apt!

C said...

classic mirror all the way!!!
Loved it!

have a nice weekend sweetie!!!

JTS said...

I really like the stacked horizontals. Great call on the mirror in the studio apartment it'll make the place look that much bigger.

Sara said...

Ha, I actually have the leaning mirror! I insisted on it as a house warming gift to myself when we bought our first home last year. I LOVE grand mirrors, I'm sure you'll find something wonderful!