Living Room Revamp Project

As I mentioned yesterday, I did some cleaning and rearranging last weekend. Because I live in a studio, it didn't take long and I'm always looking for a new layout to make the small space more enjoyable. (It's like living in a new apartment!)

So here's what we came up with...

This new layout makes my studio feel almost empty, and large! Yes, most of the furniture is from my college ikea days and recovered.

Do you notice the Dolphin Fin wall where the couch is placed?! :D

Here's my dilemma though: Do you see the wall to the left of the tv, above the couch and where the mirrors are? Yeah. Me too. They're so empty!

Yep, that's my kitchen behind and around that wall to the right.

Help! I'm so bare! Neither of those mirrors were there before, I placed those there last minute because I couldn't stand how bare the wall was! Remember the mirror revamp?

So, let's fix those bare walls. Shall we? I was thinking of blowing up and framing two black and white images and hanging them above the couch, and placing a large floor length mirror on the left of the tv to balance out my China painting.
Have I ever told the story behind that China painting? I don't think I have...focus, that's neither here nor there.

Then, on the wall (image directly above) with the black mirrors, I'm thinking of placing a sofa-table size bar that would double as a book case. Not only will it fill that area nicely, yet not overwhelm it, it will also cover that ugly cable!
Something needs to go there, it's so bare! Any other ideas about what could go there?

And did you see this pillow post? Are we still thinking the gray pillow? Maybe the sunglow?

Thoughts? Ideas? Questions? Grumble-doodles?

Happy Tuesday :)


Preppy Girl Meets World said...

Love the look! I used to live in a studio apartment before moving to Germany, so I know how hard it can be making a studio look good but still having your own personal living space.

Gwen said...

Instead of a sofa table maybe you could find an old trunk or bench that you could paint. I like the yellow/gray combo so maybe go with both pillows. :) XOXO

JTS said...

I like it. Personally I want to get one of those wall decals for the bare space behind my couch. I had a giant Manet poster behind it when I was in University but now I've moved and I feel like it's too college for me.

Tommy said...

This is one of my dilemmas also. It's hard to decorate a space, especially with larger pieces, when you can't find exactly what you want in a timely manner. I've scoured Etsy, but most things that I like there are small and around 8 X 10. I've thought of a gallery-style wall of lots of smaller framed prints and such, but that's not totally my style. Have you considered buying a large canvas and just getting crazy with some paint, abstract-style? Or maybe some more laid-back stripes? Also, I like the idea of low-profile baskets hung on a wall. Just some food for thought.

Princess Freckles said...

A small table would be perfect on the mirror wall! You studio is just lovely! It seems huge!

Shaina said...

OH it looks great! I really, really, really love that paint color. Wow. It is just perfect!