Dancing With The Stars Cast Revealed!

The season 11 cast lineup was revealed!

It includes The situation, Brandi and Audrina Patridge.

The premiere is September 20.

I'm so there.

Are you?

PS :: I'm feeling much better today! Tommy put it perfectly: I need a weekend to recover from my weekend. :) Happy Tuesday!


Tommy said...

Oh my...another competition show. Hehe. Where's Alice?

Anonymous said...

This cast may actually get me to watch, can't wait to see Jennifer Gray strut her stuff, can't believe she's 50!!!!

C said...

we dont get to see this show in Spain, is it cool?
Some sort of guilty pleasure perhaps?


Nice to her you're feeling better!
I am t the verge of freking out!!!!
10 days for the wedding!!!

alli/hooray said...

I watch it every season, regardless of who is on - I just cannot resist the amazing dancing.