Freck's Friday Fancies LIX

So, I'm happy to share that I may or may not be helping a very very good friend of mine decorate her wedding reception (among other fun things).

Ever since she asked for my help, I've been brainstorming and scouring the nets for the perfect centerpieces, guest seating cards, etc. (of course). As you may notice, her colors are chocolate and different greens and her wedding is in late September, so there's definitely a cozy, lovely Fall theme. The bride is a smart gal and is going for the DIY, chic and practical route. Here's my biggest challenge: the centerpieces. She didn't order flowers (big money saver, very smart) so we're thinking of a sticks or a clustered candle centerpiece approach. Thoughts? Suggestions?

Here's where you come in. Tell me what you like, what you hate, etc. Regardless, here are this week's fancies...

A warning to my darling bride - you know who you are because I know you'll read this - please don't be freaked out. I'm searching for ideas and sharing concepts :) Your voice is definitely the biggest factor here. Love you deary, so excited and thrilled for you. I'm so grateful to be able to help out on your big day.

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Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions? Have you seen anything lately that you loved?

Happy Friday!


KatiePerk said...

The coolest centerpieces I have seen lately were just photos. Someone went crazy at one of those craft stores and bought all different sizes (but same type & color frame) and then framed pictures of the couple & their families & friends through the years and framed. It was a real convo starter with guests. They also mixed in different candlesticks & heights if that makes sense.
Good luck!

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

What fun! I love the place names that are on the moss - that is my favourite thing here! I check out once wed and sittinginatree blog for wedding styling inspiration.

Good luck - I'm sure your work will look fab!

AtlYankeeBelle said...

One wedding I went to had bowls of peas as center pieces with flowers and floating candles. I love candles at weddings, very romantic

AEOT said...

Two of my favorite things from our tables were
1. the seersucker table runners. I ordered a ton of cheap seersucker fabric online that matched the guys pants and we sewed 24 of them to go on the center of the tables. It was a LOT cheaper than renting colored linens but it still gave a huge burst of simple color to the tables. Ribbons, burlap, or unbleached muslin could all do the same with a more rustic feel.
2. We bought a ton of silver 4x6 picture frames from TJs and Marshalls and then took pics all over Chicago (with us in them). We labeled them in photoshop, and those became our table numbers. People LOVED this and went around looking at all the different tables. It was a great way to use our engagement photos and a good conversation starter.

I could definitely see a few tall vases with long twigs spraypainted a bronze color and candles beneath. Or wooden bowls (scour flea markets or people's cupboards- they don't have to match) filled with pears, apples, unshelled walnuts and perhaps a few dahlias, zinnias or sunflowers mixed in (or a few tables with bowls and a few tables with flower arrangements).

Have so much fun planning!!

Tommy said...

Awesome! What a helpful friend you are, Freck! It depends on how rustic she wants to go, but I think a large, simple glass vase filled with multiples (whether leaves or pinecones or seashells, maybe) could work nicely.

If the wedding is at night, what about clusters of candles?

These types of things would be cost-effective and fairly eco-friendly. I can't wait to see/hear how it turns out.

C said...

Love all the pics, specially tht one with the fingerprint tree, so original! My wedding is in two weeks and I cant wait to see the result!
Have a lovely weekend in there sweetie!