Home Sweet Home + Chelsea's Dress

Ahh! Another weekend down and I'm all sorts of relaxed.

Thanks to TBF's prodding, we made a trip down to my hometown to enjoy some boating and quality time with my family. Little did I know that I would be (happily) babysitting my nieces and nephew. Hooray! It was glorious and I'm more in love with them every time I see each little munchkin.

On another note, anyone else pleasantly surprised by Chelsea's dress choice?

...can't go wrong with Vera Wang.

How was your weekend?

Happy Monday! (ppst can you believe it's already August?!)


Janneke said...

I thought that as well. Very nice choice though I'd personally go with a slimmer dress. It suited her well.
And can we talk about how old Bill Clinton looks?!

Tommy said...

She looked quite nice. I'm glad you guys had a fun weekend! Mine was relaxing as well.