Getcha Save On!

With a ton of traveling coming up (eee!! So excited!), I've been trying to save as much as possible in order to be a little less tight in the spending department during our getaways.

I've been...

Bringing my lunch and all snacks to work every day

Making my own meals at least during the week

Buying groceries at Trader Joes (the most heavenly and inexpensive grocery store ever)

Splurging far less on impulse buys

Making far less Target trips because I spend hella money every time I go

Clipping coupons like a crazy every Sunday (P&G coupon book, you rock)

Drinking far less (alcohol is expensive, thanks Mint.com)

Canceling my gym membership (thanks Insanity!)

Canceling my garage rent (boo city street parking)

Speaking of Mint.com, have you tried it? It's glorious if you want to see how much you're spending on things like alcohol, food, restaurants and shopping (as it categorizes all of your transactions), but it's hell when you realize how much you frivolously spend on the first and third of those items.

How do you save? I'd love to hear your tips!

Happy Tuesday!


Shaina said...

Good for you!!! Saving is really hard for me - it always has been. But lately I've been on a "cash" plan - I have a certain cash allowance for each paycheck and once the cash is gone, that's it! No charging allowed. It has been pretty successful so far!

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

OMG. I adore Trader Joes! My friend took me to one on Long Island last summer - soooo good!

Pink in a sea of blue said...

Sounds like you have it all under control. Trader Joe's is the best. You can even "splurge" on wine there because it's so cheap! I use store coupons all the time (Banana Republic, Old Navy, GAP, etc) for kids' clothing and me and shop for them on tax-free weekends for back to school.

Tommy said...

You've got it going on in the savings dept. Two of my tips are directed at entertainment...no, three tips. 1.Redbox. 2.Public library. 3.Magazine subscriptions for must-reads.

AEOT said...

Definitely the library!! I save beaucoup bucks that way! Plus, are you using ebates for ANY and ALL online shopping? I love it!

I've always packed my lunch b/c I'm super picky about cafeteria type food, so that would be my other suggestion. Oh, and you could easily cut your cell phone bill by not having a data plan (I didn't use mine enough to justify the cost).

Rebekah said...

We don't have Trader Joe's down here. :( Reason #234 why Texas is not as great as it likes to think it is.

You seem to have all the usual money-savers down. I keep meaning to set up mint.com, but I'm honestly a little scared to see how much it tells me we spend on alcohol, coffee, and restaurants.