Say Cheese!

Hooray! Thanks so much for the kind comments about my new living room arrangement! You all have some great ideas about what I can do to fill the empty spaces throughout.

First up? Options for blown up pictures to be framed and hung above the couch! I'm almost positive Kinko's prints large, high quality photos. Has anyone done this? Any suggestions? Tips?

Onto the potential pictures, I'd love to know which two or three you love the most! All photos were taken by me or TBF.

Famous statue in San Diego

Mission Bay Marina. Taken outside of TBF and my hotel in San Diego. I love boating, and these boats look very similar to my dad's, so this picture definitely holds a special spot in my heart. It's funny how a photo taken in San Diego can remind me so much of home and my family.

These beverages were enjoyed almost immediately upon arrival after a long trip out to San Diego. That meal rocked, too.

This one is also very close to my heart. This is Wrigley, as some of you know and this photo was taken on the back porch of my parents home. They're trying to sell the house, and I grew up in this house, so I've been trying not to take for granted every second I visit home because it may not be "my home" the next time I'm there.

This photo was taken on TBF and my one year anniversary, right after spending some time at the Art Institute.

A cute photo of Emma, my niece, taken on my parents patio area. She's trouble :)

This is definitely a contender. I love this photo of Emma.

This was taken on TBF's birthday, I surprised him with a lake front boat tour. So much fun!

Another favorite. Can you tell how much I love Mister Wrigley? :)

Which ones are your favorites? Decisions, decisions!

Happy Hump day!


Sassy Engineer said...

Hi chica :) So I love how you rearranged the living room, and I didn't leave any ideas on what to do because I felt like I couldn't organize my thoughts. However, I think a sofa/console table on the wall with those two mirrors would be awesome - totally what I was thinking. Also, I LOVE the ideas of using photos you've taken for art. I do it in my house, and I think it makes it more personal to me. I have found that for big prints, I tend to like ones more of nature, surroundings, ect. I then maybe a "family photo wall" in our hallway for all of my special photos of the loved ones. All that being said, my favorites are the first one, the boat, the 1 yr anniversary picture, the skyline and both of wrigley, but I think the last is my favorite! Also, we ar finally getting the details for our dominican trip finalized. I'm so excited! I have been so bad at emailing lately, but I'll have to fill you in :) Have a great day!

Janneke said...

I absolutely LOVE the 2nd one from the top. Definitely that one!
I also really like the one of your niece Emma where she has her back turned to the camera as well as the second to last

Ultimately, though, pick the ones that YOU enjoy the most! After all, we won't be living there with you ;)

Kristen said...

I LOVE the first Wrigley photo. As well as all the Chicago landscape photos.

Tommy said...

Definitely Emma, off-centered, in the grass.

AEOT said...

Okay, I love the boat pic the best of all, but I'm a pretty nautical girl. If you do that and you want another landscape pic, do the bean. It's just perfect for Chicago!!

On the other hand if you don't feel you have to do another landscape, then I would definitely do the off centered Emma pic. It's fab. The second one of Wrigley is also great. Perhaps you could do all four and switch them out two by two every few months?