I Did It

Can Fall come any sooner?

I can't wait to sport my newest investment :) Yep, I did it.

When I tried it on, all it took was the sales woman and TBF saying, "you must get it." So I did.

Speaking of J.Crew investments, have any of you purchased J. Crew's
Matchstick jeans? With my favorite brand of jeans going under (RIP M+O), I decided to give the Matchstick jean a try and I (of course) fell in love with them but didn't get them because I wasn't in love with the price tag. If you haven't taken the Matchstick plunge, where are your favorite jeans from?

In other news, TBF and my last day of
Insanity is Sunday. We're pumped to have completed the program! We aren't going to quit though! We're going to take a recovery week then do what we need to maintain the bod's we've worked so hard for. A complete Insanity review to come! Lastly, my parents are vising this weekend!

Yep! That's them, aren't they cute?!

What's this mean? No FFF because I'll be out and about with the 'rents and TBF at a Cubs game, shopping or dining at my dad's favorite restaurant, Harry Caray's.

Have a wonderful weekend! Don't forget to tell me about your favorite brand of jeans!


AEOT said...

Tried that sweater on at JCrew myself and it is GORGEOUS!!! I am definitely thinking about adding it to my fall wardrobe. I love the fact that I can wear it over a nursing tank and still look pulled together, esp with a wide belt.

Tommy said...

That's a great sweater and should last a really long time. Nice choice! I know we don't really rock the same jeans, but I'm into Gap Authentic Fit jeans (in the darkest wash) right now. How about TBF?

C said...

I love it!
I cant wait to check Jcrew stores my self the moment I step in Dallas.
So cute!
Good morning in there sweetie!!!

RAP said...

I've been a fan of old navy jeans forever. I can't justify spending a small fortune on a pair of jeans and theirs fit great. I'm on the look out for a pair of straight leg but not skinny for the fall and saw a pair in a gap ad... so I'm going to check those out. Good luck finding some jeans!

C said...


Shaina said...

Oooh I love fall and I love fall clothes. This stuff if sooo prettttty!

Anonymous said...

Those jeans are great, but do nothing for me. I'm so jealous of girls who can pull them off.