Living Room Revamp Project :: The Pictures

Another productive and lovely weekend!

I finished 2 of the 3 items I wanted to do for the Living Room Revamp Project!

Unfortunately, the one item I did not cross off the list was purchasing the massive leaning mirror.
How could that happen!? It was the focus of my Fancies last Friday?! Apparently my brain did not register the word massive because when we arrived at Ikea all chipper (okay not chipper at all after that drive and waiting for it to open), we (and by we I mean TBF) took one look at the mirror and said, "There's no way that’s going to fit in Bernie." Bernie is the name of my car. So I had to pass... for now.



Fear not though dear Freckles, the trip was not completely lost as I picked up the bookshelf and some fun candle sticks to create the bar area and boy did it turn out nicely. Pictures to come tomorrow, I’m in love with the finished product!

What I can share with you now is how amazing the two pictures I had blown up look!

Don’t they look lovely? With
your help, I chose the photo of the Papa Freck look-a-like boats from San Diego and Mr. Wrigley because, well, they make me happiest when I look at them.

Of course I adore miss Emma, but after much thought, I decided the boats and Wrigs were the winners. Thanks again for your help!

So how did I put it all together? I purchased these 16x20 frames, about $10 each, and the 11x14 matting, about $6 each, from Michaels (and on sale!). I went to my local Kinko’s on Saturday morning and handed over my memory stick with the two black and white photos on it and requested a matte look for them. They were ready in less than an hour and only $5 for both! That's it :) Easy peasy!

The bar/bookcase will be revealed tomorrow!
Insanity must have helped TBF and I because we put it together pretty quickly and fairly easily. However my right tricep and thumb were hurting yesterday from all that cranking!

Happy Tuesday!


Rebekah said...

Love both of those pictures! Good choice :)

My Ikea list is about a mile long at this point because bf and I keep putting off making the trip out there -- it's quite a trek -- and keep adding things to it.

Tommy said...

Very nice, Freck! Those pictures look great.

Sassy Engineer said...

Love it! I was looking at a CB2 catalog today and saw this clear leaning wine rack that just made me think of you. I'll have to email you the link (not that you need anymore ideas). I love the revamp :)