Living Room Revamp Project :: The Console

Hooray! Thank you so much for your awesome comments and guidance throughout my Living Room Revamp Project. I'm thrilled with how it's turned out and I hope you are too! The last post was all about the new photos, this post is about the new console!

I still want to put legs on the bottom to give it some height and to get it off the floor, but I got a little too excited to share :)

Here's how bare it looked before,

and now after :)

Bookcase/Bar: Ikea Expedit bookshelf turned horizontal
(again, here was my inspiration for this!)
Left mirror: DIY'ed, found in parent's basement
Right mirror: found at Marshall's
Candles and candlesticks: Ikea
Frame: Ribba Ikea
White elephant tea pot: World Market
Green E: Urban Outfitters
Lemonade bottle and fruit on top right: Trader Joe's
Pitchers in top left cube and bottom second to right cube: Crate and Barrel
Books all over: mine from over the years
Stemless wine glasses top second to right cube: Riedel, gift from TBF
Multicolored E on top right: Anthropologie
Bottles on bottom second to left cube: TBF's Ransom Gin bottle and a leftover green wine bottle I liked :)

Did I forget anything? Any questions? I hope you like it!

I'm thrilled with it :) Special thanks to TBF for helping me put it together!

Next up? Eventually a large massive mirror to put in the corner!

Happy Wednesday which is kind of my Thursday :) I'm taking Friday off because of a last minute visit from my parents!


Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Loving the little vignette on the top of the unit! Thanks for sharing.

Janneke said...

looks great! what a difference a little IKEA can make :) Actually, my man just bought the exact one just with four squares instead of six like yours. Love!

I'm Lindsay! said...

Ohh I love it..I've been wanting to buy that shelve for awhile for all my books!