Drinks With The Roomies

Tonight was a great end to an off day. I had a frustrating time at work, and my roomies completely made me feel better without even trying. Nothing good music, laughs, a couple cocktails and appetizers (spinach and artichoke dip and mini quesadillas to be exact) can't cure, right? So lucky to have wonderful roomies.

Unfortunately our bill was rather large, darn gin and tonics + rum and cokes, but it was absolutely worth it. We ended up at our apartment with some wine, popcorn and Sex and the City, season 3. Awesome.

Of course, I had to check my blog and see if there are any new posts..and I discovered I have new followers, which is so awesome. Thanks new blog friends :)

So happy tomorrow is Friday. Time to cuddle with TBF (which I decided to change upon his request because he truly is so much more than that, so cute) and fall asleep. Good night!

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