My Favorite Hobby

Painting. I really love painting. Ever since I was little, I was always doing something creative or crafty, usually whatever project made the biggest mess. Often my mom would come find me in the house with an annoyed look on her face because she couldn't find her nice scissors...which were usually found in my room beneath a stack of construction paper or water colors. Love you, mom. :)

Painting creates a balance for me. I'm terrible at sitting down and taking a moment for myself, and my style of painting is my way of doing just that. I rarely sit down to a canvas knowing what I want to create, I just look at the colors in front of me and paint whatever comes to mind. I can get lost in the colors and not think about anything, or I can get completely lost in my thoughts and find myself painting 2 or 3 hours later. I love it. 

I must say that I don't believe I'm a good painter at all. It's just a fun hobby I have.

Anyway, here are a couple of my paintings. I gave most of them away as Christmas presents to my family. My cheap and creative way to give a different gift.

This is the first painting I've ever done. I did it back in October, I think? Anyway, I'm obsessed with the color green and my room is of course green with black accents. So, I sat down and had no clue what I wanted to draw but I had 3 different greens and black. This is what I came up with. I realized that I really like texture in paintings. I think the piece is so much more interesting if it has texture and different heights. 

This is my latest painting. I finished this one before Christmas and had the idea of doing a ton of vertical and horizontal lines to create a plaid. I'm not sure if I was tired of painting, or if I genuinely just liked it the way it was when I stopped. Whatever :) 

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