Favorites of 2008

Looking back, I have some favorite fashion items from 2008 that I'd like to share. 

Hair clips are great on those days when you're running errands, and they're perfect for girls who have hair longer than shoulder length. They also come in different sizes and colors that you can customize for your own hair color and thickness. 

Summer scarves are a great way of sprucing up a plain top before heading out of the house for errands or coffee/dinner. It's trendy, but still casual.

Ok, so I'm surprised I'm saying this, but I love my straight leg/skinny jeans. I got my first pair last spring because I wanted to see what the hype was all about, and I've worn them more than any of my other pairs of jeans. They're perfect to wear under boots in the winter, and they look cute with flats in the summer and fall, too. My top of choice with these jeans is a looser fitting top.

Headbands. Headbands. HEADBANDS. The perfect hair accessory anytime. I've been trying to wash my hair every other day to keep it healthier, and I find myself wearing a headband with a low ponytail with the crown of my hair teased for some volume on the days that I don't wash my hair. A classic look for errands, out with friends, or at the office. 

Chunky bracelets are a lovely accessory to make any outfit look dressier. A brown, black, and a fun color bracelet would be an ideal set that you can always find to put with something (separately, of course!). Get one, you'll be surprised how often you'll throw it on!

My short and long sleeve plain colored tees take up a significant portion of my wardrobe. Not only can you wear them all the time and dress them up with accessories (bracelet and scarf!), but they are great for traveling as well. I went to China for a couple weeks and found myself wearing them constantly. My tee's of choice are from J. Crew and Gap. 

Flats. I feel there is no explanation. They're comfortable, stylish, and classic. Being a 5'5 foot gal, I sometimes feel as if I tower over others when I wear my fancy heels. When I want to be comfy, I throw on my flats!

Cardigans! These aren't your grandma's cardigan anymore... Throw it on over anything: cami, dress, short/long sleeve tee, nice top. Always a classic. 

Favorite new brand: Martin + Osa. Their mother-brand, American Eagle, came out with this new brand to target an older audience, 25-40 years old. Their stores are sophisticated and shelve classic clothes with a dash of trend. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful New Years!!

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Frugal Brunette said...

sniffing thrugh some old posts of yours (it's been a loong day at the office already) i found this and thought to myself "funny, these things sorta kinda are still hip today" which, yes, it's not like they're from 1975 and only from 2 years ago but it just shows how timeless these pieces are! great!