So...the Chicago Fire Department Rescued My Roomie & I

So last week, my roommate and I had seen on the news that if you threw boiling water into the air, it would freeze before it hit the ground. It's been up to a -40 windchill in Chicago, so we were positive this would be the most awesome experiment ever...so we decided we'd try out the experiment ourselves. What did we have to lose?

Well, we have the boiling water ready and I have camera in hand. We step out the back door and into the back yard to carry out our experiment. After throwing the boiling water into the snow (because it didn't freeze before it hit the ground...boo), we turned around to go back inside. This is where the next 25 minutes are slightly panicked and scary, but is now funny and ridiculous looking back. 

The door was locked. There we are, me in slippers, jeans and a fleece, and my roommate in her jacket and slippers as well, in a snow filled backyard which is completely gated and fenced so we would need a key just to get out. We were trapped. This would be decent on a normal winter day, but it was 2 degrees out. At first, we started laughing at how dumb of a move that was (which by the way, I have footage of my roommate shutting the door, haha), then we realized that Oh dear lord...it's freezing and we need to find a way out or else something could happen to us.

So my roommate walks on the side of our apartment toward our gate through a foot and a half of snow in her slippers to go shout for someone on the street to borrow their phone, and I go up the back deck to pound on the door with hope that someone will hear me and help us so we could atleast go inside so we're warm. No one answers my pounding, but my roommate found someone on the street, embarassingly asked for their phone, and started calling anyone we knew so they could help us...which was hard because she was dialing numbers by memory on a phone with a dying battery.

She couldn't get ahold of anyone, so 911 it was. This is when our neighbor on the top floor of our apartment started walking down the stairs because he was taking out the trash...I ran up to him, totally frazzled and shaking at this point (it'd been about 15-20 minutes) and asked if we could go up to his apartment to warm up. He said absolutely and up we all went...then we started hearing sirens. I was sure they weren't for us, I mean we live in Chicago, we hear sirens all the time.

Well, they were for us, and we looked out the window on the top floor of the apartment and saw a fire truck taking up our entire one way street and 5-6 huge firemen walking toward our apartment. So, basically they broke into our apartment and let us in...and no we didn't tell them what we were doing when were locked out.

Since I had my camera...I thought it was the perfect opportunity to take some pictures:

Note to self, always take your keys outside with you, especially if it's 2 degrees out.

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