Is it spring yet??

So as I was trudging through the snow and ice this morning on my way to work, I started pondering my wardrobe for my spring break to HOPEFULLY Sandestin, FL. I sure hope plans work out, I'm concerned I'm turning into a cranky-pants due to the lack of sun in my life lately.

She's cranky because of the lack of sun lately, too.

Anyway, when I got to work, I sat down in my lovely cube and lo and behold, stumbled across an email from J. Crew about their giant sale and found some perfect items for the Florida weather. Then, I realized I should share that the majority of my wardrobe consists of...

...many simple and classic pieces that have gotten me through college. Over time I've learned that as long as I buy good quality pieces, I'll save money in the long run... A VERY hard realization to come to considering I see the plain shirts (a staple in my wardrobe) at Target for a steal at $11.99. Anyway, I love the plain and simple shirts at J. Crew, Martin + Osa-although it's my new love, and Banana because the quality shirts have really gone the distance throughout the years of terrible washing machines at school, traveling, parties, moves and the everyday wear and tear.

The simple long sleeve and short sleeve tees are so easy to mix and match with different wardrobes. I personally love the boat neck and scoop neck style because I feel it's the most flattering.

I tend to layer my cami's and shirts, sometimes pairing fun colored cami's underneath to dress the tee up a bit more. Also, accessories can really dress up the shirts.

Check out how J. Crew dresses up this simple white tee and cute shorts with a necklace that really makes the color in the shorts pop. Love it, so simple and easy and perfect for Florida weather!!!!

Oh! And I think I want a huge hat for Florida, too. Not only are they cute, but they'll protect my pale skin from getting burnt.

Look how massive Samantha's is in Sex and The City!


I was thinking this would be more my style...

I know this doesn't really doesn't have to do with my vacation wardrobe or my current wardrobe but...

My ode to black..
I usually stick with a black top, a fun pair of earrings or necklace, jeans and heels when I go out. This is because I don't go out as much as I used to..eek I sound like I'm 85 but hey, it's hard to find time when I have a part time job and like to be sitting in my cube by 7:30am, I'm going to school full time and graduating in May with classes starting at 8:15am downtown, and I've become a wine girl where I love to sit around with my roomies, friends and/or boyfriend and sit, laugh and enjoy my wine in my comfy clothes. The black top may sound boring, but it's a great fallback on the nights when you're not feeling so hot about your body since you didn't make it to the gym that day. Thank you black shirts, dresses, and skirts...you are my savior.

Martin + Osa

with heels...


and a fun necklace...

Forever 21

I've noticed I can't really wear pastels because I'm so pale and they completely wash me out. So the rich colors are what I try to focus on...and black :)

I have a focusing problem..

I'll keep everyone updated on the spring break plans. Does anyone have any fun/cheap and warm places vaca plans this spring??

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HFR said...

such a cute blog!

I was just in Jcrew yesterday and their new Spring collection DEFINITELY put me in the spring time mood!

Hurry up sun warm Sun!