Oh Em Gee...

2 words.

Or should I say..

Holy Burgers.

Tonight wasn't a weight watchers night. No, not even close. 

Five Guys is an eatery known for it's fantastic burgers. I had my first experience tonight in Oak Park, where a Five Guys just opened. After weeks of TBF talking about this place (a Virginia native where Five Guys originates) or should I say FREAKING OUT about this place finally being near Chicago, I broke down and ate the burger ..yes...the entire thing (hey, atleast they have a "little burger" menu). 

And I know what you're thinking...that looks disgusting. But no ladies, it's our minds playing tricks on us and TELLING us that it looks disgusting because we know the caloric content between those buns. Well, I'm sure it has a ton of calories, but I rarely splurge like this and I never have burgers because I'm not a huge fan.

The verdict: Scrumtralescently Delicious...

What has he done? Does he realize his Freck will now be 389,238 pounds? 

On that note, I'm going to watch 10 Things I Hate About You and catch up on some Z's. Night!


Piper Jacquelyn said...

WHAT is that delicious creation & why is it not sitting on my lap right now? Oh my goodness. Not gross, wonderful.

Sweet Bea said...

Oh Five Guys...how they tempt me with their deliciousness. They are, however, still second to In 'n Out :) But a damn fine East Coast alternative!

Freck said...

I'm glad you appreciate Five Guys :) I do now as well.

Sweat Bea, warning: I think you may have started WWIII with TBF with who's better, In 'n Out or Five Guys.

Texan Couture said...

We have one in Austin downtown, I have never tried it but I just might now!!