My Favorite Makeup

I LOVE makeup. Ever since I was little, I've loved playing with different colors and doing other people's makeup. I tend to stick with the classic looks because I believe less is more, but I always like to experiment with the latest trends. Anyway, over the years I've developed some favorites and here they are. : ) 

First and foremost, my favorite eye shadow brand in general is MAC. They have a huge array of colors to choose from, and many compliment each other. One color I continue to purchase over and over is "jest," which is a nice base for every eye shadow. 

The color shown isn't jest, for some reason when I tried to upload the color it looked gray.

Another product MAC makes that I love is their bronzer in "golden." I'm fairly pale so I need a bronzer that does look orange, goes on sheer, and doesn't look caky when I want to add more. 

Bare Minerals has been my favorite kind of foundation for a couple years now. When I first started using makeup, I did the whole liquid foundation then powder and concealer on top to get full coverage. After using Bare Minerals, I will never go back to that routine. First of all, if your face is fairly clear, you don't need to cover up you face with liquid and powder foundation! All you need is a concealer brush and a blush brush to put on this natural looking foundation. 

I discovered this amazing mascara a couple months ago and I'm hooked. This mascara, by Tarte, is called "Lights, Camera, Lashes!" and has a huge wand that separates lashes and doesn't clump, and leaves a nice layer after one application. I don't find mascara crumbs on my cheeks halfway through the day like I used to with my old mascara, and it isn't difficult to remove at the end of the day with eye makeup remover.  A great investment.

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