A is for Appendicitis

Holy cow. I went to the hospital yesterday for six hours and felt like I had a leash (the iv) and was bound there forever. Not fun.

Yesterday morning I woke up with a lot of pain in my lower right side, and when I got to work I proceeded to panic because I was reading about my appendix (where the pain was) and what the consequences are for waiting too long to go to the hospital to get it checked out if you're in pain. FATALITYYYY!! Scary right? I know, I was scared, too.

So I went to the hospital and had my first ER visit ever, and it totally didn't happen the way I envisioned my first ER experience to be. Cue Grey's Anatomy and beautiful people running around everywhere. Where's McDreamy?

Don't get me wrong, the people at Northwestern Hospital were lovely, but the ER waiting room wasn't packed and it was rather quiet...probably could have been because it was 8:00 am when I arrived.

Anyway, I follow the old, sweet volunteer man upstairs and am put in my own room (YAY!) and for the next six hours I'm injected with 4 bags of water, contrast and sulfate and had my blood taken through iv, and had a CT scan but before the CT scan I had to drink not one, but TWO barium berry smoothies. These barfy delightful beverages tasted like chunky, liquidy medicine. Yikes. I'm surprised I got both of them down, TBF was surprised, too.

The CT scan was scary but pretty cool. They injected me with contrast so they could see into my stomach. When the contrast was put into my iv I had a really warm sensation all over my body and my mouth tasted like metal. Such a weird experience, I shut my eyes and envisioned that the insides of my entire body were glowing.


Anyway, I got all my tests back after a couple more hours of poking and injecting, and they all came back negative. By that point, I didn't want to say I was in ANY pain because I wanted to go home so bad and stop having my blood pressure and temperature taken.

I know I must say all of the tests were for a reason, so they could figure out what was wrong with me..but sheesh...it wasn't fun! I'm okay though and I had some serious pre-appendicitis symptoms and I should go back to the hospital as soon as I get that kind of pain again... and apparently I was super dehydrated...

OH, and I LOVE hospital socks. I was told they may cost a lot of money on the bill, but they were worth it. So comfy and non-slip on the bottom! Hoorayyyy!

Sweet pic, huh?

I was very lucky to have TBF be with me the entire time. I told him he should go to work because I didn't want him to take a sick day and I'd be okay, but instead he came right away and entertained me throughout the day with pictionary (they had a white board on the wall), games on his phone, and just enjoying each others company. Special thanks to TR's, too. They were texting me all day, making sure I was okay and to keep them updated. Love you girls :)

So, I'm taking it super easy today, I'm glad it's Friday!

Ok, maybe not relaxing THIS much, but it's a nice though, eh?

TGIF everyone!!!


Island Girl said...

So glad you okay! My first ER experience wasn't all Gray's either :)

Enjoy your day of rest!

Sweet Bea said...

I echo Island Girl - very happy you are ok for now!!! Rest up for Valentine's Day! :)

SassyEngineer said...

Oh my - I'm so glad you are okay! I always worry when I feel a pain that it is either my appendix or my gall bladder. I hope it doesn't happen again :) Happy Valentine's Day!

Katie Lake said...

I'm glad you are okay. Being in the hospital is now fun! I had to go to the ER twice in a week when I had tonselitious (lost 12 lbs in a week and a half) then had an allergic reaction to the meds. I hope you get some time to rest and enjoy Valentine's Day!