Cupid, draw back your bow...

I'm sitting here enjoying a glass of water and not wine even though I may break later and have a teeny glass and watching TBF make me bruschetta, salad and spaghetti. I mean come on my blog would be slightly effing pointless if I couldn't have a beverage every once in awhile..eh? 

We just finished painting the background color of the paintings we're working on. I've never seen him paint anything before, but he's an amazing artist with a pen and paper so I'm looking forward to the finished product. He said he's going to paint me two pictures, one with a Valentines Day theme and one with my blog as a theme. He loves that I blog and have a whole world of blogging friends now. So fun. :)  I'll definitely be posting the painting that has my blog as the theme!

When I looked up pictures of spaghetti, I found this awesome image:

It's not really spaghetti, it's cake! Check out this guys blog that I stumbled upon. He makes some cool looking cakes. Make sure to check out the Tiffany's cake!

Oh, and I got these rain boots at Target this afternoon for $24.99. My first pair, I love them! I may wait a little while for the Nordstrom boots I was eyeing.

I'm siiiingin' in the rain....

I hope everyone is having a great Valentines Day!

By the way, at this point I've tried TBF's bruschetta, WOW! So good!

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Pink in a sea of blue said...

That's funny you found these, too. These boots are great aren't they? They are comfty. I'm about to put them on for the snow now.