Attention all LADIES!

Ladies, I think we have found our answer to a better dressed boyfriend, husband, brother, father, etc.

This blogger, who appropriately refers to himself as The Gentleman, has dressed CEO's and celebrities! His first post is written with wit and class, he even has pictures of sophisticated looking men...clearly this guy knows what he's talking about.

Here's a better way of putting it...

Scenario #1

You're walking around the mall with your boyfriend and you ever-so-slyly start suggesting sweaters or outfits you want to see your boyfriend try on in hopes that he will love it and throw out that nasty grandpa sweater he's had for years. This leads to frustration and sometimes a fight because the guy is afraid to try something new, spend the money, or heaven forbid! look stylish or "gay".

Enter: Addressing the Man.

Scenario #2:

You're at a fun party with all of your friends, and all of a sudden you see a man who's so sharp and well dressed that even the men in the room are turning their heads. Suddenly you realize this dreamboat is YOUR boyfriend/husband!

This means that your boyfriend/husband went and got this outfit on his own. You didn't have to stress out and MAKE him do this. He did it all on his own because he knew as soon as he put this outfit on, he'd have a little extra pep in his step because he knew he looks pretty darn good. I truly believe it only takes ONE occurrance where a guy sees himself in a nice outfit that fits him well where he might thinking differently about his future apparel purchases.

Addressing the Man is written with class and it won't steer away the boyfriend or husband.

I personally hope this guy blogs about different pieces of clothing and how they are to be worn. OH! and I really hope he addresses which articles of clothing should be completely banned , like pleated khakis.

I'm lucky to have a boyfriend who dresses well, yes we sometimes compete. I want EVERYONE to know what it's like to have a well dressed boyfriend/husband/brother/father, etc.! My personal favorite outfit that he knows I absolutely love is his collared shirt + V-neck sweater + tie combo. I think he looks so classy when he wears this. Oof, love it.

So, get your boyfriend/husband/brother/father out of this.

And into this.

Hello boys...


Piper Jacquelyn said...

I'm super lucky - my boyfriend would dress up like Cary G. every day if he could! I need to show him this - he'll die.

Bella said...

Well dressed men unite!!!!