New Favorite Song, Lent & PoppaRoc

Drop everything you're doing,

and listen to this song.

I found that when I heard the song get faster (about halfway through),
I became absolutely obsessed with it I liked the song more. Thoughts? TBF made a mixed cd and this is one of the songs on it, number 15 to be exact.


I had Five Guys tonight with TBF to celebrate Fat Tuesday. Did anyone do anything for Fat Tuesday? Is anyone giving up anything for Lent? I decided I'm going to give up drinking during the week unless a celebratory day lands during the week. One of TR's told me I need to make the rules clear before Lent begins, will those are my rules. I can drink only on the weekends and during the week IF it's a celebratory day...aka birthday, anniversary, holiday, fraternity event (yes I am in a business fraternity, don't judge)...

I've been completely sober for the past 2 and a half weeks because of being in the hospital because of my appendix and then having the flu, so how hard can it be? I hope I don't eat my words.

Also, I must introduce everyone to this lady. Some friends of mine discovered this peculiar lady from Canada awhile ago, and well, she's just a hoot. I haven't followed her for a couple months now, but every month she faithfully appears in my subscription update email from YouTube. Her id name is PoppaRoc86. Form your opinions...let me know what you think :)

In this video...she points out everything that is silver...

Nighty night everyone :)


Nani said...

She is def a hoot... I watched a couple of videos, and some funny some just plain out weird!

hFr said...

she cracks me up!
"a weapon" haha...hilarious

I needed this weirdness and laughter in my life today.

Love it!

Pink Flamingo said...

Isn't Five Guys is EXCELLENT...absolutely YUM-O!!

Pink Flamingo said...

Isn't Five Guys is EXCELLENT...absolutely YUM-O!!

Piper Jacquelyn said...

Ah funny! Thanks for posting fun-ness! And giving up drinking during the week is a really good idea...I don't know if I could do it, but it'd be worth a try!

Dana said...

I loved your "If it's not fun you're not doing it right" :)

Lovely blog!