Ode to Aaliyah. Yes, the Aaliyah you're thinking of. Yes, this is really random.

This is not intended to be a depressing post, more like a celebration and appreciation of Aaliyah : ) 

So, basically if you don't like Aaliyah stop reading now.

Yes, I know everything happens for a reason...I'm not trying to discourage the Big Guy's plans, but I'm just saying...

I cried when Alliyah passed away. I love Aaliyah. Her songs have been on the radio in Chicago lately, and it makes me wonder how huge she could have been right now. I mean think about it...she was: gorgeous, had a great body, was a good dancer/performer and could sing! 

So, that's basically it, but I wanted to leave you with some of my fav Aaliyah songs.

...and lastly, here she is with Beyonce

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The Fabulous Life of a Southern Belle said...

oh mah gah- forgot all about her. She was great. I miss her too now. :(