It's Game Time.

Can you believe it's already the Superbowl? I wish I could say I am going to a swanky and fun party, but no, I have a date with my Business Law book. Hopefully my date will allow me some Superbowl viewing time :)

The company I work for has a commercial during the Superbowl! I won't share the company's name that I work for because that's so personal it creeps me out, but I will tell you that it's during the 2nd quarter! That way you can wonder which company Freck works for...and those of you who know me that read this blog, aka roomies, don't give it away!! 

I'm not really rooting for a certain team...well, I have a close fan who's a die hard Steelers fan, terrible towel and all, so by default I feel I must cheer for them. 

Enjoy the game!!

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