Oof, sick.

So, I went to bed last night with a huge stomach ache, then proceeded to wake up every two hours and get sick throughout the night. I missed my two morning classes today, which means my 82 year old law professor just might fail me...awessommeeee.

Ooohhh shee booo

I've come to a couple conclusions during my day of sickness.

Don't try to be productive when you're sick and feeling weak. Hello, this one should be obvious, but I thought I'd try to do laundry..well I did it and now I feel like I've run 3 miles.

Drink Gatorade. This also may sound obvious to some of you, but I'm not a huge fan of gatorade. One of TR's brought me back some and some chicken noodle soup, and I went straight for the gatorade and already I'm feeling a bit better. 

Watch Ellen. I swear she made me feel a little better. Did any of you see her show today? Holy crap, she's just hilarious. She had 4 women come on stage, blindfolded them with wacky googly eyes on the blindfolds and had them play a game where Ellen would ask them a question about the Oscars and they would have to walk forward BLINDLY and grab an oscar the grouch to answer...this ended up being HILARIOUS because at one point all four woman were on the ground on their hands and knees looking for this oscar the grouch laying on the floor. She then called this woman who's obsessed with her to invite her to the show and the woman on the phone said "im gonna pee my pants"...Ellen: ok..

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!


Piper Jacquelyn said...

Ugh, awful! I'm sorry you're sick - Gatorade does help a TON! I love it - take care of yourself & get well!

Jenn said...

and as promised - i am now following your blog. super cute!! i'm glad you followed me so that i could find your blog. :) hope you feel better!

Anonymous said...

thank you for the tag :) I'm going to do it tonight! I hope your weekend is going well.

Smores for Breakfast said...

Hey! I totally watched ellen too! Those blindfolds are the funniest! She always uses them and everytime I die laughing! She's so much happier than Oprah (dare I say that?)

really cute blog!

Sweet Bea said...

You're lucky your roomie brought you a gatorade...mine was supposed to bring me a ginger ale yesterday after work...but instead she came home at 4pm today. Then, she was going to "go out just for a bit" and bring me a gatorade when she came home...but it's after midnight and still no sign of her. She also made a snarky comment about how she's used to taking care of herself. BUT - Ellen was how I got through yesterday...but laughing was killing my stomach yesterday. But I think it was worth it :) I love Ellen. I'm hoping you're feeling better!!!!

Pink Flamingo said...

I hope you are feeling better...the stomach virus seems to be everywhere these days. DH and my oldest diva had a little touch of it Sunday/yesterday...they were absolutely miserable. Again, hope you are feeling better now.