Aaaaahhh Warmth.

Best February in Chicago. EVER. This warm weather has never been more welcome after this FREEZING winter.

People have come out of hibernation on this beautiful day. This is a wonderful thing, but it also has its downfalls...like how when I decide to finally go back to the salad bar place across the street (because it's actually warm out) and it's FULL of older business people who look like they're stuck in the 90s. Big hair, bad shoes, trench coats and all. When I set foot in there I sincerely feel like I've stepped into another time zone.

You think I'm kidding? I wish I was.
Yes, I love Boy Meets World, too :)

Goals for this evening!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Take advantage of this BEAUTIFUL weather and run run run!
This will be me when I'm in SanDestin...

Pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff....NOT. The action shown above is a recipe for disaster. Sharp rocks. Little clothing. I don't think so.

  • Sit down and give myself a breather and paint. I just may post whatever I paint.
    By the way, I walked into my room last night with a little surprise on my bed. TBF had snuck in and out before I got home and set an acrylic paint kit/set from Blick's on my bed with a sweet note!! He knew I'd had a bad day and had been wanting to get something like this for me for awhile and yesterday seemed like the perfect day to get it for me. It cheered me up immediately. It's the kit on the left, I can't wait to use it!
  • STUDY! I hope I can sit down, focus and study my Business Law. I have an exam next week that I'm really nervous about. This class is not easy. Ick.
I hope everyone is having a lovely day!!!


Milltini said...

too funny....love your blog, just came across it!

suburban prep said...

Have a good time outdoors today. Doesn't come often in February in the Chicago area.

SassyGinger said...

We had a nice 1 day nice weather streak here in Detroit too, it was 60 yesterday. Heat wave!!

I love the Boy Meets World reference. I forgot about Mr. Turners mullet!