Tacky Dressers + Fun Sunglasses

Everyone’s blogs are on FIRE today and I love it! It’s kind of a slower day, so I have lots of time to read and comment. Hooray!

future Freck in SanDestin

So, apparently I need to start bringing my camera with me when I get lunch at work. This woman had on a washed out, super short, denim skirt suit with I’m not kidding black platform hooker peep toe stilettos with her big toe hanging out over the platform.. A major pet peeve of mine that grosses me out.. If her goal was to turn heads, by God she successfully did it. I was waiting behind her to grab some silverware and I was just watching the people take looks at this girl, what was she thinking? I totally lost my appetite.

This isn't even close to casual Friday...

So lately I’m digging my MAC lip gloss in “Nice Kitty”, my long cardigan from Forever 21 because it’s super cozy, long bangly necklaces, trouser jeans,

.............................and SUNGLASSES! I’ve been on the market for some new shades recently and I can’t seem to find the perfect pair. I'd like to bring a new pair with me to SanDestin, we'll see...for now I'll just browse. Here's what I've found so far...

Everyone seems to be rollin on the Beyonce train lately, maybe I will too, and maybe I'll like these so much I'll put a ring on them.
I couldn't resist..

These are kind of massive and mod. They're cute on her. Are massive sunglasses still in? I kind of like them as long as they don't make the person look like a bug.
I will forever love the retro look. So classy, so cute. So old school betty. :)

I could be like Kanye and rather than not being able to see the bright, sunshine, I'll see nothing at all. I'm already a bad driver (random fact: my nickname is two-foot __my last name here__ because I was taught to drive with two feet. Don't have your children learn how to drive at tiny high schools where the school is comprised of 350 people or else they'll be taught to (what I didn't really was dangerous until I came to college in the city) drive with two feet). Anyway.. Some people look really cute in these throw-back glasses. I however do not think I could pull the look off. For now I'll just look and not buy. While I really don't want to promote Angelina because of how I was rather annoyed with her behavior at the Oscars, but I A. cannot have a sunglasses post without including aviators, and I B. cannot resist posting this because I distinctly remember Angelina wearing these aviators in Mr. and Mrs. Smith and thinking to myself how awesome she looks in them. She really pulls them off. I had some sweet silver aviators for about a week then they broke because my mom sat on them. Thanks, mom. And I found this picture when I was looking for the aviator picture with Angelina in it...I couldn't help myself.....
Hi Brad. :)


So my search is on to find the perfect pair of sunglasses for SanDestin and yes I will probably settle on a cute, cheap pair from Target .

Happy Tuesday!


Prep in the Big Apple said...

Go for the Kanye's in a neon color!

The New Black said...

Loving your post today!

I don't get why someone would wear platform lucite heels...they just seem to scream hooker, or even pornstar...not that I would REALLY know! :)

Trouser jeans are my latest favorite, although I hear bell bottoms are making their way back.

I am into the big, but not massive sunglass look...depends on your face, I guess.

Ashley said...

wow, score for kanye (ugh, he makes me wanna throw up in my mouth with that attitude.) i didn't know anyone wore those things forreals!

Scary Mommy said...

My favorite pair of sunglasses were five bucks from a street vendor. They broke after a few short weeks and I was heart broken. It was 5 years ago and I'm still trying to replace them!

Bella Gelato said...

I just discovered your blog and it is wonderful! I have been looking at sunglasses alot lately too and I found some I thought were cute at American Eagle for like 20-25 bucks. Not super high fashion but perfect for a fun new pair.

Ginette said...

Happened upon your blog...love the trouser pants. And SO think the big glasses are great.

Pink Flamingo said...

I have the Martin + Osa pants...they are so comfy!! Sad to admit, but I remember when the Kayne glasses were the "thing to have" back in the 80's! :)

Pink Flamingo said...
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