Guess who got a fedora?!

Freck did!! 

One of TR's and I went downtown today and while looking for shoes for the Ann Taylor dress at Aldo, we stumbled across some fedoras! 

I got this one and I'm so excited to wear it!! It is listed under the men's section online, haha. I think I may sport it tonight at a showing of a short film that TBF and I are in...

Only problem is, what should I wear it with? White tee, jeans and flats? 

Oh, I'm feeling a wee bit better, still feels like I'm under water though..ick..



Jenn said...

i love the thought of pairing it with something simple. it would even better if tbf had like a white undershirt or v-neck and you wore it with baggy jeans and flats. i'm picturing megan fox wearing a similar outfit i think and that's why i like it. yes! i found the link - here you go :)


CTB said...

Very cute hat. I agree with Jenn above. Keep it simple and you will look flawless.

Lyryn said...

Cute hat! I wish I could pull off hats! I would totally sport that thing with a white tee and a hot scarf! Flippin awesome!

Katie said...

love the hat! and i agree that a white (or black) tee or tank top (wifebeater style) with jeans and flats would look amazing!

Bella said...

Very cute (hey...I like the work cute) and very fun...cute and fun, you can't go wrong!!!