Freck's Friday Fancies VI

Here is your Freck's Friday Fancies VI!!

I'm obsessed with
this dress from J.Crew.

these shoes from J.Crew.

To my J.Crew shoe-wearing freckles, how comfortable are their shoes? I haven't dove in and bought any yet...

My new love...Craftzine.com! How cool are these recycled paint can lights?

Love her blog.

This cutesy headband from Anthropologie. I don't know where this is, but I definitely fancy it.

This awesome cake.

This beautiful kitchen.

in-car pizza oven.

This can definitely come in handy..hehe...get it? :)

Lastly, I'm not fancying this, but I do want to say RIP Michael Jackson.

Have a wonderful weekend!!


Anonymous said...

Love those spray can lights! They look really neat when lit up. Too bad I am far from crafty or I could attempt them. :)

Jenn said...

when you figure out where that lovely place is - let me know, i'm going there on vacation :) have a great weekend!

Piper Jacquelyn said...

Great post! {except for sadness about MJ, boo!} I love the dress & shoes - those lights are FAN-tastic, & Bethenney is the best, right?! Have a great weekend.

jlc said...

oh you have FABULOUS taste!!!

love that headband i may have to pick that up this weekend! forgot about all my bday gift cards there!

CTB said...

I love your fancies! Especially those plates with built in drink holder.

Katie said...

love the dress and shoes!

krystal said...

i'm in love w/ those lights! and the drink/plate thing. genius: )