TBF guest post!!

Helloooooooooo Freck’s Fancy Followers!

This is an update from TBF. No really, the amazing guy she references in her posts, who is also the luckiest guy in the world because he is dating Freck. I am updating her blog today due to technical difficulties aka one of TR’s took the wireless internet box *cough. Sorry bout that, lump in the throat. Anyway, a little brief on what my gorgeous darling has been up to:

She started her new job at a Dot Com which she is currently adjusting to, but cannot post because she has to be all incognito till like the second week. Sshh do not tell her boss she has a blog that she “occasionally” will update at work…shhh. Freck is now a business woman which means adorable outfits including today’s awesome Ralph Lauren light blue button up with a khaki skirt and white flats. Yes I remembered what she was wearing, she is unforgettable. The job has her doing important stuff with important people. No worries though once she gets settled, boom she is back in blogging action.

She is not sold on Twitter yet.

We enjoyed a lovely weekend in her hometown. ON A BOAT. And she was able to see her cute niece Emma. The little one is getting tall and thin and full of energy. I was able to get a few candid moments with the digital camera of the two of them. Maybe she will post them later…

Freck has been hitting the gym and looks stunning (she always did, but it is really helping that thing she refers to as endorphins, not sure what those are, does beer give you endorphins?)

Currently Freck is not working on any new paintings; however she just finished a larger one that is lovely. I am trying to get her to start doing one a week….so far I am not that convincing. I call the most recent one “Untitled #365 days of Freck being Amazing”

We enjoyed some lovely salmon last night

This weekend she is excited because one of my old college buddies is coming into town with his wife. We hope to hit up museums or take a boat tour maybe enjoy some bubbly, who knows? Any ideas? We have done most things in town and my buddy and his wife have been to Chicago many many times, not sure which way to go. Regardless, Freck and he get along great mainly because he is preppy and she is preppy and they talk preppy. Kind of like Zach Morris at Bayside High talk, it goes over my head, but hey I look good while nodding my head (or so I am told).

Well Freck misses you all, she was sad that she could not post last night as she had much to disclose. Do not worry she will be back sooner than later, till then rock on and thanks for stopping by.



Jenn said...

awww what a cute guest post - he adores you! :)

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