I Take It Back!!!

I received this email from today from Nordstrom about their new Uggs for FALL!!?!!

I take back what I said yesterday about hating the 100 degree weather!!!

As much as I LOVE Fall..

I'll sweat on the L. fine..

Come on! It's the first days of summer! I can't believe it's already the end of June! I can feel the summer sun slipping away...the mere thought of it turning freezing in Chicago again where I can't feel my face makes me love the thought of sweating on the way to work...

My apologies, Chicago...stay warm, pleeease!

Note: Have you noticed that I've found the time to blog at my new job? I really like it, by the way! It's a marketing job which is right down my alley :) Unfortunately I don't get to check all of your lovely blogs as much as I'd like, but I really try when I get a chance!!!!


CTB said...

That is so depressing how the retail world and magazines try to rush through the seasons! I hate receiving the Fall Fashion issues of Vogue, Elle, etc. in the summer! Not ready to hang up the bikini quite yet.

Katie said...

I hope it stays warm, I feel like it was absolutely freezing (for June) for like 3 weeks.