Wedding Bliss

One wedding down, two to go.

The wedding on Saturday was beautiful! The colors were pink and black, and the bride (and groom!) were stunning. TBF and I had a blast dancing the night away (yep, he's not afraid to dance in public which is awesome). I met a girl who looked like she had a "bump it" on and I asked her if she did (she didn't but she has one at home!) and we were pretty much BFF's for the rest of the night on the dance floor.

Here are their gorgeous center pieces and their "Sweet Shoppe" which was a table filled with yummy candy! It was so cute, what a great idea!

Can you tell I love weddings??


Alright ladies (and gents), I'm wearing the Ann Taylor dress next weekend yes I'm sure you're friggen tired of hearing about it, I'm kind of tired of talking about it..

but I need advice
, I'm not sure what kind of shoes to wear. I tend not to wear strappy-sandalish heels, but rather, basic, simple and classic pumps. Any color ideas? Other shoe ideas? I was thinking a basic black pump (totally not summery) or a nude pump? hmmm...AND I was thinking of getting a sash to go around the waist because the dress is kind of loose in that spot..any color or fabric ideas?

Off to the grocery store, Target (I really want a straw fedora hat...thoughts?)

Urban Outfitters, no, that's not me.

..and to the hardware store to get my sander and paint for the dresser I'm going to refurbish! Has anyone refurbished a wooden piece of furniture before? Any tips? I'm really excited to get some cute Anthropologie knobs, but I digress, that's all for another post.

I'm off! Have a lovely Monday! It's beautiful today in the city!


Ashley said...

i love weddings too! that dress would have matched the wedding you went to haha!

Lindsey said...

LOVE weddings, I can't wait to go to one next month! But so sad we only have one this summer!

Piper Jacquelyn said...

Looks like it was a gorgeous wedding indeed! So fun. And your dress WOULD have matched, I love it! I think you should go with a classic black peep toe or reg. pump. You cannot go wrong with that!

jlc said...

looks PERFECT!!

And im diggin' that girl's hat!

Katie said...

looks like you had a great time. I'd go with nude heels and a black sash on the dress. as for the dresser refurbishing, make sure to wipe the dresser off very well after sanding it so that the paint will go on as smoothly as possible.

CTB said...

The "Sweet Shoppe" looks so yummy! Sounds like a beautiful wedding.

The Northerner said...

If you can find it, I think a bronze metallic pump would look pretty! Also, heidikins has refurbished a lot of wood furniture on her blog recently. If you google her you can find directions on some archived posts!

Anderson said...

I love the look of that wedding... I want my wedding chairs to look like that, and I'm totally having a candy table. If you went to a fabric store and found a ribbon that matched the darker red of the dress I bet that would look nice. Or, if you wear black pumps, maybe a black ribbon?

Little Pink Magnolia said...

Crud, that last comment was me. I was signed in to my boyfriend's account!

Freck said...

Haha, totally cool :) I like the idea of black, too...seems easy...hmm..

ALEXANDRA P. said...

I wish i was brave enough to pull off a fedora...People always look so hip in them!