The Weather Sucks..

Chicago, let’s talk.

It felt like 97 DEGREES this morning according to weather.com and I BELIEVE IT. I strategically wore a dress to work today so I wouldn’t die on the L from a heat stroke on the way to and from work. I still got super duper hot, and it still sucked. Whatevs, I’m over that.

Now, lo and behold, thunder is erupting outside my office window letting me know that my dress (that I wore strategically wore this morning to have less clothing on me,) will not be a smart piece of attire when it’s raining.

In conclusion, Chicago weather.. you suck.


Lindsay said...

ugh it's so hot here in Ohio too!

Jennifer said...

And when we were there just a couple weeks ago you were having the coldest week on record for June! It sure did change full spectrum.