I blame the weather.

This tops one of my worst morning commutes ever..

Sir, if your on the L filled to the brim with white collar workers who are on their way to their cube for a 9-5 day, I highly doubt they want to listen to your rap music. It makes our ears bleed.

Clouds, why must you create nasty rain with wicked wind? Not good for the hair or my boots that make me almost slip and fall on my tooty while walking into work.

Two words: Umbrella etiquette.

Little convenience store near work, please purchase a CC machine that works so there isn’t a huge line of people waiting who have to put their items down because “they don’t got cash.”

Freck, why can’t you keep better track of your umbrella so you don’t have to take poor TBF’s in the morning so he doesn’t have one?

Oh life…


Katie said...

at least its sunny out now!

CTB said...

That stinks! Hope your day gets better!

Milltini said...

Ugh, I had a similar morning this morning!